Versacom can cater for all of you phone system needs. Whether it be a small 5 phone system or fully scalable multi-office IP-Based system, Versacom has the expertise to provide the bset solution for you.

Small Systems

Versacom has a great knowledge of Panasonic and Samsung PBX systems, great for those small offices that are on a budget and only need 5-10 phones. These systems are easy to integrate into any existing phone infrastructure for example, PSTN or ISDN lines. Versacom can also provide upgrade option such as IP phone support or VoIP lines if your company begins to grow.

3CX - Software Based IP Phone Systems

Versacom specialises in the deployment of highly scalable and modern 3CX IP Phone Systems.

The 3CX phone system comes with many modern and intuitive features, no need for expensive add-on cards. These features include:

  • Run on existing hardware - The 3CX phone system allows you to use any 64-bit Windows based PC it can even be virtualised with VMWare or Hyper-V.
  • Highly compatible - 3CX is compatible with all IP phones including Cisco, Yealink, Snom and Grandstream. So if you have existing IP phones its easy to integrate.
  • Easy User Interface - 3CX has an easy to use Web-GUI that allows you to easy add new extensions and make other changes i.e. change the voicemail machine message.
  • Easy to move desks - Being an IP-based system means that a users extension stays with the phone, not the port. This means that there is no need to move cables around, just move the phone.
  • Easily integrates with all types of phone lines - 3CX allows you to use all existing phone line types, through the use of gateways you can use existing PSTN and ISDN lines. You can also use any VoIP provider straight out of the box.
  • Virtual Receptionists - Easily create a Virtual Receptionist from the Web-GUI and direct your calls to the right person without the need for an extra staff member.
  • Direct Dial-ins - Easily allocate direct numbers to each of you extensions.
  • Remote Extensions - If you have staff that work remotely, simply setup a phone anywhere with an internet connection and let them makes calls anywhere.
  • 3CX Soft Phone - 3CX supplies Mobile Apps so that you can still make or answer calls when your away from your desk phone.
  • Bridged Phone Systems - Save money on calls if you have multiple offices by bridging your phone systems and using data instead of dollars for your calls.
  • Many more...